RUFIO (livedemoep)

by Be!Tiger

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released March 3, 2013



all rights reserved


Be!Tiger Aachen, Germany



31.10.14 Leipzig open heads Wrackspurts
01.11.14 Kassel das haus / open heads
05.12.14 Würzburg Immerhin / zerre 29.11.14 Köln AZ Modern Saints Rivershores
06.12.14 tba
20.12.14 zoersel / Rollergirls
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Track Name: Clarke Gable needs to find modern love upstairs in the attic
We're going out for the kill
never fall back in the streets that we all obey
and when its getting late our life is at stake.

and all the wolves and the lambs they don't seem to know
the best disguise is for a heart to grow
when they are waiting for a minute of relief
wasting time is an inaffordable demand

when you move to fast, that you can't hope to rest,
and you should've worked harder for the money

we start to see, when the lights go low,
we the senses make no sense at all!
and we start to breath, when our life's grow old,
because we are drowning in this cage that used to be our home
Track Name: Rufio
So why can't I read out loud to myself,
to memorize the moments that have past
all the best times were simply self made
you still try, and worry that they won't last

but I know that it all falls apart
we can lay down on the pavement
and watch it all go by

even if it's the last thing to hold on
the clockhands only stop on a broken watch,

faces keep facing, empty places in my mind

but somewhere they keep running
Track Name: Notice
Racing thoughts running through my head
is it safe to go outside,
or just sleep through the day,
now it's all gone, all thats left on track and unspoken,
we'll always be the last

we're never coming home

and then we stumbled, to the next door open!
where we seized the night with red wine and poetry,
until the next day
when I woke up with a circle on my forehead
so thats the thing about being usefull!

whats the point in being usefull,
when all of your rewards get taken from you
Track Name: i never had money for ballett shoes
And now we start to remain
another day in another lie,
should I lie awake in bed, or get wasted instead!
i repay my doubts with a smile,
think deeper for a while,
yet i know its not that bad if we stick close until the end

and i don't like the way it burns
my heart tells the truth, but it's hard to remove it!

yet again my broken leg starts to ache,
and I feel like, I should just cut it away

I know I will never dance again

but I'll try